• become a certified meal prep coach

    become a certified meal prep coach

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thrive4mom coaching certification

If you have a passion for health and nutrition and a desire to make positive changes in your community then you’re ready to consider becoming a Certified T4M Meal Prep Coach.

Once you’re a Coach, you’ll be one of the exceptional individuals certified to help others change their health, habits, and relationship with food—and have the foundation to turn your passion into a career.


Who would make a great T4M Certified Coach?

  • Passionate about helping women get healthy

  • Friendly and outgoing

  • Excited to learn alongside our T4M team

  • Organized and dependable

  • Basic knowledge of whole-food plant-strong nutrition

  • Safe and reliable transportation that is mid to large size in order to transport food

  • Working knowledge of Word and Google Spreadsheet

  • Be able to lift a minimum of 30 lbs.

  • Stay-at-home mom - great opportunity to earn income

  • Health Coaches, RDs, Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, Personal Chef - a great service to provide to your clients and a great way to grow your business!

  • Nurses, doctors & healthcare professionals - have an employee certified to teach Meal Prep Workshops and offer this service to your patients.

What does it mean to be a T4M Certified Coach?

It means you have been officially licensed to use the Thrive4Mom Coach registered trademark to advertise, promote, and market your own Meal Prep Workshops as a service to your community.

What can I call myself once I receive my certification?

What can I call myself once I receive my certification?

The only designation afforded by this program is Thrive4Mom Certified Coach. Unless your other certifications, licenses, or degrees specifically allow it, you may not call yourself a nutritionist, nutrition consultant, or dietitian, or any other term that implies you are licensed to perform nutrition consultations.

What is a Coach’s scope of practice?

This certification does not imply a professional designation, nor does it allow you to make specific nutrition, dietary, or medical recommendations, or practice one-on-one nutrition consulting, unless it is within your professional scope of practice to do so, and/or it is permitted by state law. Your role is that of a meal prep instructor. You’ll be helping clients in a group setting, providing them with resources, and motivating and supporting them during the Meal Prep Workshops—but directing them to a Registered Dietitian, medical doctor, trained counselor, or other qualified healthcare provider for specific dietary and health-related recommendations.

What are the prerequisites to be a T4M Certified Coach?

You do not need any specific degree or any other certification to be a T4M Coach. However, we highly recommend you have a basic understanding of whole-food plant-based nutrition before you apply.

How do I begin the process?

First, you’ll go through our free application process. If you are accepted, you will be contacted for an interview. You can access our online application below.

How long does the certification process take?

Generally, anywhere from four to eight weeks, including a 30-day mentorship. We do reserve the right to extend that time if we deem it necessary in order to get you comfortable with the Meal Prep Program.

When can I apply to be considered for the program?

Applications are accepted on a continuing basis so feel free to submit one at anytime. We only open up training a few times per year (with limited spots) so that we can train several coaches at one time. Upcoming training dates will be posted here.

Will Thrive4Mom take a portion or commission of my fees?

No. T4M receives no fees, commissions, or affiliate income from any approved Meal Prep Workshops you conduct. That income is all yours! Certified Coaches can earn up to $1200 per workshop.

What do I get with my Coach Portal membership?

You will be part of our exclusive online community of coaches. Your portal will be password protected and you will receive; resources, presentation guidelines, access to recipe bundles, personal & business development, mentorship program and continuing education.

Does T4M provide me with training and resources to use with my clients during Meal Prep Workshops?

We sure do! As part of the T4M extended team, you’ll have access to resources, training materials, handouts, and presentation guidelines to use during Meal Prep Workshops. We are developing a basic Coaching Handbook, to help our Certified Coaches host Meal Prep Workshops successfully. Those materials will all be available through our Coaches Portal.

Will my coach profile be listed on the Thrive4Mom website?

Yes. All Coaches in good standing will have a bio on Thrive4Mom.com, including a photo, short biography, social media, and various means of contact.

If I have more questions who can I contact?

Please send an email to thrive4mom@gmail.com