Echinacea and Elderberry

It's cold and flu season so that means my inbox is flooded with emails asking what natural remedies our family uses to help support and strengthen our immune systems this time of year. I am planning to put together an extensive list and add it to the blog. That will take me a bit of time so in the meantime, I wanted to share this information with everyone. I have included references because I always encourage everyone to do their own research. A big part of owning your own health is education. Always educate yourself and never do or don't do something just because someone tells you to.

This is a tea brand that I recommend and it can easily be found in most stores. If you cannot locate it in a store near you then you can purchase it through Amazon. Traditional Medicinals makes this blend so that you can get the health benefits of both echinacea and elderberry in one tea bag. It's like peanut butter and jelly...good by themselves but even better together! Elderberry has received a lot of attention as of late but few know about the equally effective herb, Echinacea.

Herbs can be very potent healers. This is one reason why everyone should take caution when using essential oils...they are extremely potent and should be used sparingly. That is a blog post for another time. Tea is a gentle way to include these amazing herbs into your diet. After the tea bag steeps I let the tea come to room temperature and then I had some fresh lime, lemon or orange to give it a little vitamin C kick!

If you’re suffering from the flu, elderberry should be your go-to for relief. Studies have shown that people infected with influenza virus A and B experience 91 percent improvement after taking elderberry for seven days, while also reducing their fevers and increasing their feelings of improvement.

Elderberry is commonly taken alongside echinacea to boost your immune system, while at the same time eradicating the flu virus.



Echinacea is one of the most popular antiviral herbs on the market when it comes to fighting viruses and bacteria, and for good reason. Not only does it have the ability to boost your immune system by stimulating the production of cells to help fight infections, but it also contains phytochemicals that fight and help reduce infections once they occur.