Healthy Start Program


Are you tired of feeling sick and tired? Do you want to know the secret to good health (hint: it starts in your kitchen)?

You are invited to join us for this educational two-week, online program. During this online program you will eat, live and learn about how your body responds to a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle that is also completely gluten and dairy free.

What you will learn during this program:

• how to eat to reduce and eliminate inflammation.

• how your choices can help to prevent and eliminate chronic disease.

• why cravings are good for you. yes, they are!

• how to safely and effectively attain your healthiest weight.

• how to plan, shop, cook and enjoy delicious healthy meals that even your family will love!

• how to experience vibrant energy.

• the tools you will need to continue this lifestyle after the program is complete.

What you will receive:

• an online virtual program so anyone can participate from anywhere.

• access to our private online community.

• group video conferencing.

• daily group connections because we are all in this together!

• planned menus with printable recipes and shopping lists for all meals.

• recipes that can be prepared in less than 30 minutes.

• handouts and educational resources.

• support, encouragement and guidance from a Clinical Nutritionist (yours truly) who will be there to answer all of your questions during the program.

What you will NOT receive:

• pressure to buy any supplements, powders or pills because we do not sell any! never have, never will.

• a program that requires you to count calories. no need to count calories if you make the right choices.

• a program that teaches portion control. we actually encourage you to eat more food!


September 11th - September 25th

registration ends September 7th

• all online webinars will be recorded so that you may attend at your convenience.


$99/person – individual registration

$75/person – sign up with a friend

click here to register

In Good Health,

Kelly Nentwich, CHC, CN

Owner/Founder Thrive4Mom, LLC Nutrition Consulting