Karen Rountree

Certified Meal Prep Coach (Ashland, VA)

Keeping my family happy and healthy is my biggest passion in life, and I have a feeling it’s yours too. But having the time to make healthy meals for my family has been a challenge for this busy mom. So when the opportunity came to become a Thrive4Mom certified meal prep coach, I thought it was too good to be true. But I found out, I would be able to use my passion for eating healthy, to help others eat healthy too. I could provide a much-needed service to others who really want to prepare nutritious meals for their families, but are strapped for time and out of energy. Thus, My Nourishing Kitchen was born.Our mission is to provide nourishing food that will nourish your family, and nourish your life!! So let’s raise a glass to happy meal prepping for us all!!